Immersion suit HYF-N2 pillow type, supplied with whistle, life jacket light and retro-reflective tapes, buddy line and lifting becket.

Material - neoprene ; Buoyancy - 150N ; 
Size - XL ; Height: 190-205 cm;

Designed in an integral form with a buoyancy and to be worn without a lifejacket.
Thermal performance - after immersing in 0° - 2° С calm water for 6 hours, the body core temperature shall not fall more than 2° С. The suit is equipped with instruction for usage, certificate and lubricant for the zipper.

Approvals : SOLAS , MED,  IMO Res. MSC 81 (70)

It is not necessary / required to wear lifejacket when wearing a pillow type immersion suit.