Terms for use

Terms for order, payment and delivery of goods from online shop VISTAMAR:

Dear Clients,

Please read below the trade conditions for making orders in online store VISTAMAR, which govern our mutual rights and obligations.

About US

Online shop VISTAMAR  is owned by VISTAMAR LTD. - 52 Chataldja Street, Pobeda r/d, 8000 Burgas, Bulgaria; Tel : +359 / 56 / 84 36 76; Email :  sales@vistamarltd.com


The registration is recommended  for each client. The user must fill in correct all personal data - name, address, telephone number, email, etc. in order to purchase products and to receive the goods afterwards.


  1. All your orders and deliveries are handled by a representative of Vistamar Ltd. After making an order we will contact you for confirmation.

  2. The characteristics of the product are described in the page of the product.

  3. All prices are in Bulgarian Lev / BGN / with VAT.

  4. The transport costs are not included in the price of the product and you will have to pay at the courier you have chosen at the time of delivery.

  5. All orders made on Saturday, Sunday or Official Holidays in Bulgaria or after 14 p.m. will be handled on the following working day.

  6. The client choose him/her-self the type and quantities of products to buy , as well as the payment method and delivery. The order is completed after confirmation on the web page.

    7. In the free space for "Additional information" you can write down information for invoice or other relevant information for the order.

    8. After completing your order, you will receive an electronic message at your e-mail with confirmation of your order. Our representative will contact you again by telephone.


  1. All goods are delivered by courier companies SPEEDY  or ECONT, by your choice and  to the address given by you. The time for delivery is set again by you during the telephone call you will receive by our representative.

  2. Deliveries are not handled on Saturday, Sunday or Official Holidays.

  3. Deliveries are done only in Bulgaria.

  4. In case of wrong data - name, address, telephone, e-mail, VISTAMAR is not liable for failure of purchase and delivery. The re-shipment of the goods is payed again by the client.



Immediately after delivery, the goods should be examined carefully by the buyer, or other authorized person,  as for any damage, strokes, or other damage found on delivery, the customer must contact Vistamar on the moment. Upon receipt of the shipment by the buyer, without notes, all claims for loss or mechanical damage lose validity.  If no report for damage is done in front of the courier upon receipt of the package, the possibility for complaint is lost.


Terms of payment

  1. Cash payment – payment of the goods and the transport costs is done direct to the courier, upon receipt of the package.

  2. Bank payment :

Bank name : First Investment Bank

Branch : Burgas

Beneficiary : VISTAMAR LTD.

IBAN : BG 56 FINV 9150 10BGN 065 01



Goods and Services on the web shop :

All products and services offered by VISTAMAR, protected by Copyright and Related rights, are offered in their original form, packaging and without any impact from Vistamar and according to the licences given by the manufacturers and distributors in Bulgaria.  

The goods and services in the web site are divided by categories and groups and each product / service has its own price, characteristics and other information for purchase of products. Vistamar reserves the right to publish names, models and other information for goods and services in English language, when there is possibility some important information to be lost in translations.

 Vistamar reserves the right any time and without notice to change information for products, services and prices. Some published products may be old, but Vistamar is not liable to update the information for them, but does this according to our own view. Some part of the information on the web page is possible to be related to products, services, programs, or promotions which may not be valid for the moment.


For technical errors regarding prices, quantities, characteristics published on the web site, Vistamar reserves the right to cancel orders and is not liable to pay any compensation to the customer, and only has to recover the amounts payed, deposits, if any.  There may be some differences in colours of some products, but this does not alter the proper usage of the product, its application or proper operation. 

The electronic store VISTAMAR may contain links to websites owned or operated by third parties. In loading of such Web sites through the electronic shop web site, the user agrees and accepts that VISTAMAR Ltd has no control over the content of such sites and is not responsible for information created or published by them. The presence of links to Internet sites of third parties does not mean that VISTAMAR Ltd.  approve the content offered by these products and services. Users benefit from links to websites of third parties entirely at their own risk.

Return of goods

Your have the right to return the goods in 14 days from the date of purchase and to cancel the order, in case you have not used the product, you have not affected in any way its proper function, or trade look, as well as its packaging. Customer who has damaged the product, even unintentionally, has no right to return or replace the good, or to make any claims.


In case of return of the goods, the client must first contact a representative of Vistamar  on the following contacts : Telephone number : +359 / 056 / 84 36 76, е-mail :sales@vistamarltd.com and ask for assistance regarding returning the goods.

Return of the goods must be done again by courier and is  payed by the client. No goods sent for return at our expenses or for cash payment will not be accepted.

In case of defected product, we are obliged to replace it with new according to the warranty terms of the manufacturer, as the as the new courier costs will be at our expenses, or we will return your money in full withing 30 working days, from the date of return of the goods to us.


Privacy policy

Your personal data / names, telephone numbers, addresses, e-mails, etc. / will be used only regarding your orders and will not be submitted to third parties on any conditions and purposes, different from those of your orders and deliveries. VISTAMAR reserves the right if necessary to detect and use IP addresses and other user data to reveal their identity in law enforcement, legal procedures or to comply with these conditions. Your data can be used by us only in connection with your orders and to inform you about our new products, promotions or other interesting information.

These conditions may be updated at any time without notice to consumers, as VISTAMAR not liable if the consumer has not read the latest version of these terms. When using the online shop VISTAMAR the user undertakes to comply with these conditions and any other conditions imposed by the laws of Bulgaria and international law, even if not specified in these conditions.

Users agree with the general conditions of use of online shop VISTAMAR by pressing any button, link, subject on the web site VISTAMAR and  users accepts and undertake to respect the general terms.