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The lifejacket must comply the following requirements :

-         must be supplied with a whistle, a tight rope

-         must be supplied with a light with intensity not less that 0.75 candela and capacity at least 8 hours. If it is a flashing light – it must be with a speed of 50 times / per minute

-         it must erect the body in the water into the right position for not more than 5 seconds

-         it must be easy to put on for at least 1 minute by yourself

-         it must be comfortable to wear and must allow the person to jump into the water from a height of 4.5m without any damage of the lifejacket

-         it must allow a person to swim over a short distance to the vessel

-         if an unconscious person is in the water, the lifejacket must erect him/her into the right body position, so the mouth is at least 12cm above the water

-         it should not burn or melt in fire for at least 2 seconds;


All lifejackets must be worn above the clothes!!!

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