The LR07 is the latest MED-approved liferaft from DSB which provides a quality product that is both durable and cost effective. Stability, insulation, visibility and ease of stowage all feature highly in the design of this liferaft. Survitec’s DSB LR07 davit launch liferafts for 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25 persons are compliant with relevant Marine Equipment Directives and offer a durable and cost-effective quality product. The design of DSB davit launch liferafts optimises stability, insulation, visibility and ease of stowage. As with all davit launch liferafts, each raft is designed to be deployed on a davit and have all passengers boarded before being safely lowered to the water.

Key Features : 
* Manufactured from PU coated nylon
* Fully-enclosed double-skinned high-visibility canopy complete with retro-reflective tape
* Semi-rigid easy access boarding ramp
* Large water pockets to ensure maximum stability when inflated
* Fully insulated floor to ensure maximum thermal protection
* Available in both ‘A’ or ‘B’ pack SOLAS compliant emergency pack options